We are dedicated and passionate team, increasing awareness and creating understanding of the vibrant cultural heritage of the 19 Latin American countries, drawing in from the wider community.

Meet us

Our projects

Through funding from the Southwark Highstreet challenge CDPA has been on a mission to transform East Street through Latin American Culture. Our first three Plaza Latina events took place in 2014 and we successfully delivered three more in August 2015, as well as one more in August 2016.

Now in our fourth year, Plaza Latina has grown into an established Latin American Festival in London, bringing with it entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion to East Street.

The research that the students undertake as a cohort is closely aligned with the interest of Studio Gil as an architecture practice. Over the past few years, the design briefs have focoused and placed itself firmly in the Elephant and Castle and within the Latin American community, leading to a number of inventive, contectualy sensitive and celebratory design proposals.

This year, the first term brief was to design an installation set within East Street Market. The outcome of this has resulted in two Live Projects and participation in the London Festival of Architecture, which took place in June 2016.

Through an extensive partnership work we have been able to secure three disused PeaBody shops on East Street, which are currently being refurbished by PeaBody and Studio Gil which launched in Autumn 2016. Through these shops we hope to deliver community classes in entrepreneurship.

On shop dedicated in helping entrepreneurs launch three small businesses as well as a café and a community hub.


Social inclusion

Carnaval del Pueblo Association contributes to raising the profile of London’s Latin American community and in promoting an understanding of its cultural heritage. While it is developing economic benefits for Latin American communities, CdP acts as a catalyst for the extension of economic opportunity.

Access to culture

Carnaval del Pueblo aims at creating events that are free and accessible for all, while showcasing the best examples of the vibrant Latin American cultures including music, arts and crafts from all over the continent.


Carnaval del Pueblo celebrates Latin America, and it uses party and carnival to explore themes such as diversity and inclusion.