CdP organises events combining international stars from Latin America with local talent and offers a platform for emerging Latin American artists to showcase their skills.Take a look at ours Plaza Latina 2017 artists!


Fruko y sus Tesos
Julio Ernesto Estrada is the leader of the iconic salsa band, Fruko y sus Tesos. Born in Medellín, Fruko made a living by participating in singing competitions at age 6. At age 14, he signed his first contract with the legendary music company Discos Fuentes. Played all across Latin America, Fruko’s hits include ‘El Preso’ and ‘Cachondea’.
Wendy Corzo
Wendy is a vallenato musician from Valledupar whose aim is to make Colombian folklore known throughout the world. Wendy’s mastery with the accordion got her the Congo the Oro award, the highest distinction from the Barranquilla Carnival.
Juan Piña
This Grammy winner comes from Sucre, Colombia and is one of the most iconic singers of Tropical music. With a prolific career that began back in the 1960s, his contributions to vallenato and sabanera music has made his orchestra win 4 Congo the Oro awards from the Barranquilla Carnival.
Roberto Pla
As a boy and surrounded by Barranquilla’s rich music scene, Roberto Pla learnt percussion from the great Pompilio Rodriguez, later playing with Colombia’s best bands Los Ocho De Colombia and Orquesta Lucho Bermúdez. Now in London, he has become an acclaimed Latin jazz musician, having also been part of the UK´s first samba school.
Juancho Cuao
The drumming master, Juan Carlos Cuao, is a member of the ‘Cuao drumming dynasty’, a family that synthesises the best of Colombian percussion. Cuao’s talent allowed him to join celebrated bands such as Orquesta Lucho Bermúdez, Juan Piña, and Ramón Ropain, who created the Patacumbia.
Gabriel “Rumba” Romero
Cumbia legend, Gabriel Romero, was already singing at age 5. He started his career with Vallenato music and as part of Orquesta Pacho Galán and Black Star in Medellín. Romero soon made his own name and was elevated to patron of Cumbia music (‘El Cumbianero Mayor’) producing timeless hits such as ‘La Piragua’ and ‘La Subienda’.